Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nerd Block October 2013 Review

     So... I know I'm due for a Japan series post, but I just got something exciting in the mail and I wanted to write about it!

     This is called a Nerd Block. You subscribe ($19.99 a month plus shipping and handling), and every month they send you a box full of geeky goodies. It's like the Cheese-of-the-Month Club, only cooler. ^_^ (BTW, just so you know, Nerd Block didn't pay me to write this review, or send me free stuff or anything... Although that would be cool.)

     The Nerd Block service just started up last month, and we missed the September box. But the October box just came in tonight and we were super excited to open it!

     The box always comes with a t-shirt plus around 4 to 6 other items like figures, stickers, etc. Here's what we got this month:

DC Universe Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure...

...Which turned out to be one of the six Joker designs.

Another blind box figure, a turret from Portal.

There were lots of different colors, but we ended up with the plain white one.

Bonus: Hilarious warnings on the box!

The Spawn figure wasn't blind boxed...

...We got Skullsplitter! (I actually don't know anything about Spawn, but this guy looks
pretty cool.)

This wasn't labeled, but we're guessing it's a TMNT coaster...?

A cute and tiny Iron Man eraser. ^_^

The t-shirt design. It's like... Darth Vader as Death, skeletal Storm Trooper, and the Death Star.

     There was only one thing I didn't like all that much. I'm not a fan of Adventure Time, so I thought, what better time to do my first ever blog giveaway? :)

Adventure Time Shape-Shifting Jake Puzzle Game.
     For all you Adventure Time fans out there (in the continental US, that is), you can win this little puzzle game. All you have to do is comment on this blog post. Next Wednesday (October 23rd, 2013), I'll choose a winner randomly and announce it in another post. After that, the winner will have a week to email me with his/her mailing address. If not, I'll choose another winner, so keep an eye out for the announcement!

     Okay, one more shot of our loot pile...

Yes, I like to make a loot pile whenever I get new things. I think I might be part dragon.

     Oh, and BTW, when you subscribe to Nerd Block you get to choose your t-shirt size and style. Billy and I used our "fun money" and split the cost, so we chose the regular style (rather than fitted men's or fitted women's) and a size we could both wear.

This is my "Nerd Block, YEAH!" face.

     Thanks for reading!


  1. Lana loves adventure time! I hope I win. Cool stuff.

  2. You can't beat Adventure Time. Kids shows now are awesome.

  3. Winner announced!


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